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Do you want to reinstate Latvian or Lithuanian citizenship?

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We promise exemplary professionalism, stemming from our deep-rooted values of responsibility and integrity. We are committed to providing you an outstanding service leading to positive outcomes


We promise to do due diligence to understand your unique needs and requirements to provide valuable and practical legal solutions for your circumstances



We appreciate that your time is valuable and ensure each application is project managed in an organised and efficient manner giving you the best value for your effort, money and time.



The desire to move from one place to another is an age old human impulse. Whether as explorers on a quest for a new world or as immigrants in search of a better life or better employment opportunities, people today are migrating in unprecedented numbers around the world.

We, at Baltic Migration Law Firm, understand this human need and the challenges it involves deeply and personally. 

We understand that immigration issues have life-altering impact for our clients which is why, for us, integrity and trust are the cornerstone of our firm. Baltic Migration Firm is accessible, responsive and empathetic to your needs and seeks to form an understanding and long lasting relationships with you as we seek to help you achieve your goals. The advice we provide is honest, constructive and ethical. We always strive to find practical solutions for you within the law.


Latvian office , Rusova iela 9-66, Riga, Latvia

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Lithuanian office, 1 Latako g. unit 12, Vilnius, Lithuania​

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