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Our firm offers a thorough consultation, devoting as much time as the client requires. Based on that conversation, we are able to determine if and how we will direct the case to ensure success. Every case is analyzed and evaluated individually, and we always make an assessment of the situation based on facts and possibilities, as opposed to wishes and speculations.


From our many years of experience, we know that aside from very few, specific instances, everyone has the chance for permanent stay in Latvia and he or she can reach that goal, as long as they choose a well-guided path. We always choose and recommend the best option. We usually secure it with a second option, so that we have a plan A and a plan B. Our team’s experience in people skills, combined with an in-depth knowledge of life in different countries and the determination to obtain citizenship in Latvia allow us to treat every case in a reliable and professional manner. Our comprehensive services handle all the ‘red tape’ and numerous steps that are entailed. We are able to acquire documents and any necessary certifications that are required in order to apply for citizenship.


We offer a wide range of services, but at the core of our philosophy is that we provide our clients with comprehensive worry-free services with our goal being to administer the highest quality technical assistance.

  • Unlimited consultation;

  • General Guidance with your application

  • Set-up and management of the applicant’s appointment with the Citizenship Office;

  • Genealogy research;

  • Handling (beginning to end) of the process of preparing the applicant’s file which will be handled directly and exclusively by an expert in dual citizenship;

  • Guidance on retrieval of all the records in the U.S. and anywhere in the world needed to apply for Latvian citizenship;

  • Procurement of records;

  • Assistance with the legalization process of any US records (Apostille, Emendavit etc.);

  • Professional Engl.>LV translations of all the records as required by the law;

  • Preparation of application forms
    Ongoing consultations throughout the process as needed.

  • Passport request;

Our services are available to everybody including US, UK, Australian Citizens, South Africa currently residing in their home countries or abroad (including foreign nationals living in the EU union).


For people who decide to apply in Latvia, we provide full and in-person assistance with the application process, from locating adequate lodging, to helping navigate the complex bureaucracy.


During our first consultation call these are the type of questions you will be asked by our citizenship expert:

  • Date of birth of all your family members, including your ancestors (if you do not know the exact date, the year or an approximate year is a good starting point)

  • Place and date for Birth, Marriage and Death events for all your family members

  • Information regarding your ancestor’s naturalization (if you know it).

Our preliminary eligibility assessment service is free of charge and obligation!

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