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How To Get Latvian Citizenship For Your Children?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

If you’ve been considering restoring your Latvian citizenship, there is no better time to dig out the necessary paperwork and start the process. Citizens of this EU member country experience high growth, development and liberties. If you’re eligible for citizenship, why wouldn’t you want to become a Latvian citizen?

The process of citizenship is tedious, and how does the country discern who can be a citizen or not? If you are eligible for Latvian citizenship, does that mean your children are granted automatic citizenship?

Who’s Eligibility For Latvian Citizenship Restoration?

Latvia offers a “restoration by descent” option to restore Latvian citizenship to those eligible. If you have anyone in your family born in Latvia, and you can prove “by right of blood” in documents that you are related, you could be eligible for citizenship. Latvia law does not stipulate how far back it goes to define “by right of blood.”

Are There Limits To Latvian Citizenship?

However, there is a limit to how far back “by right of blood” goes. Your ancestors will have needed to leave the country during the Occupation of the 20th century. The Occupation isn’t a widely taught piece of the 20th century but is important nonetheless.

Until the 1990s, the Soviet Union or Germany occupied the country, starting around World War II. As such, a swath of Latvians left or were banished, becoming citizens in other countries. These individuals’ descendants could be eligible to restore their citizenship with eligibility for dual citizenship, so long as the ancestor left between 1940 and 1990.

What About Children? Can they apply for Latvian citizenship?

In 2004, Latvia became a member of the EU. As such, this led to an influx of citizenship applications. One question that prospective citizens have is what about their children – current or future. Are there any restrictions on children?

If you’re looking to attain dual citizenship and have children or may in the future, you may wonder about them. What does Latviana law say?


Children are eligible for Latvian citizenship because you share the same ancestors, but only if they were born before 2014.

Future Children

If you have no children before your Latvian citizenship process, any child you give birth to after becoming a citizen automatically attains Latvian citizenship due to your citizenship.

A child born before your citizenship will not be granted Latvian citizenship even when yours is granted. Any child born after 2014 to non-citizens is ineligible for “Latvian citizenship by descent”. It’s advised that individuals restore their Latvian citizenship before having any children. Doing so will grant them “Latvian citizenship by birth”.

4 Key Benefits To Becoming A Citizen Of Latvia

What kinds of benefits does one get from becoming a dual citizen of Latvia? Why should you spend your time filling out applications and find documents that support your claim? Why should you get your dual citizenship before having children?

EU Membership – Since Latvia is a European Union member, dual citizenship offers you some tangible benefits:

- Access to advanced healthcare

- Secure, safe environment

- Eligible to relocate anywhere in the EU (on your own or with your spouse)

Better Education and Career Opportunities – An EU state citizen can attend universities without going into debt. A dual passport also means an increased likelihood of a great career in Europe or the home country.

Increased Business Opportunities – Latvia’s economy is healthy, with good infrastructure and average-to-high incomes. The environment is both stable and competitive, allowing citizens to attain their business goals.

Establish Familial Roots – As a Latvian citizen, you are a part of this ancient rich culture whether or not you move there. Becoming a part of Latvian means your family can enjoy all the benefits that come with you passing the legacy on.


Latvian citizenship is eligible for any child born before 2014. Children born after 2014 are ineligible even if the parent is. Therefore, prospective parents would be best to hold off on having children until they’ve restored their Latvian citizenship. If approved, your family can enjoy all the benefits associated with dual citizenship for many generations.

Does your grandfather, grandmother or any other relative left Latvia during before or after WW2? Claim your Latvian citizenship now.

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We hope this article has provided you with a useful insight into the application process of claiming Latvian citizenship.

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