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Lithuanian Citizenship through Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

We will discuss a few of the precise aspects of attaining Lithuanian citizenship through grandparents or great-grandparents. Those are some of the most commonplace circumstances someone can face if they are trying to become a Lithuanian citizen.

** This story was created via assuming the claimant for Lithuanian citizenship is 18 already, which is the age of majority and in which the mother or father neither one registered the birth in Lithuanian nor did the grandparents register the claimant’s parents’ birth nor did the great grandparents of the claimant register the claimant’s grandparents’ birth. There’s a few cases in which it’s discovered they were in fact already a Lithuanian citizen. That could happen if the birth was registered whenever the person was still a minor. If this is the case, it may be helpful to streamline and fast-track a claim to become a Lithuanian citizen. If you need help, our experts in dual citizenship at the Lithuanian Citizen Assistance can assist in facilitating this for you.

First, let’s check into what occurs if someone has several family ancestors. If merely a single one of someone’s grand or great-grandparents is a citizen of Lithuania you could merely make a claim via the family line going from yourself to your parent, then the grandparent and possibly to the great-grandparent.

If everyone of your grand as well as great-grandparents who lived in Lithuania was a citizen, you’ll have to decide which of them you’d want to make a claim through. These choices can be dependent on several factors plus any possible difficulty producing documents. This could incorporate whether a person’s relationship with their parent and grandparent is good and they can talk to them easily, or whether their grandparent is dead or alive, how much trouble it could be to get the needed paperwork for the specific grandparent, or whether any of these grandparents even have all this needed paperwork so the person can make a claim to become a Lithuanian citizen.

Necessary Documents:

The procedure one has to go through to make their claim to become a Lithuanian citizen via ancestry as an adult is essentially what’s considered as a postponed registration of birth. That is done via supplying the subsequent papers to the Lithuanian Citizenship office (if applying in Lithuania) or the Lithuanian consulate.

If making the claim via a great-grandparent, begin here. The need paperwork is:

–Lithuanian great-grandparent’s birth certificate through which you’ll make the claim through – Marriage certificate of your great-grandparents – (if it applies) any divorce decree(s) for marriage(s) of your Lithuanian great-grandparent

– (if it applies) naturalization documents for your Lithuanian great-grandparent’s In the United States instead of naturalization papers if your Lithuanian parent has never became a US citizen it’s possible to apply to get a certificate of ‘Non Existence’ – (if it applies) your grandparent’s death certificate must be provided too. (continue with these steps)

For a grandparent the following documents are needed:

– The Lithuanian grandparent’s birth certificate you plant to make the claim through –Marriage certificate of your grandparents – (if it applies) any divorce decree(s) for your Lithuanian grandparent’s marriage(s) – (if it applies) your grandparent’s death certificate has to be given too.

Lastly, for your parents as well as your immediate family the following documents are required:

– The Lithuanian parent’s birth certificate you plan to make the claim through – Marriage certificate of your parents – (if it applies) Your Lithuanian parents’ divorce decree(s) for marriage(s) – (if it applies) your parent’s death certificate has to be provided too. – your own birth certificate – (if it applies) your own marriage certificate(s) – (if it applies) Your kids’ birth certificate(s) – (if it applies) your own divorce certificate(s)

Legalization and Translation:

Whenever you have all the needed legal documents, you’ll have to get the proper translations and certifications and translations for each of the legal paperwork that is not written in the Lithuanian language.

After you’ve provided every bit of non-Lithuanian documentation, you’ll have to get them all apostilled.” Apostilles are a globally recognized type of certification for countries which are parties to the Hague Apostille Convention. An official seal is provided to guarantee the domestically published signature/certification is adequate for global use.

Whenever you’ve gotten the paperwork back with the accompanying apostille seals, you’ll have to get the non-Lithuanian paperwork translated into the Lithuanian language. If you decide to make a claim to be a Lithuanian citizen in Italy, furthermore you’ll have to certify those translations. Still, if you are applying outside of Lithuania in the originating country where the paperwork is from: for instance, if you live in the United States and the paperwork is from the United States too, then certification for those translations is included via the consular fee that must be paid for at your appointment.

Places to apply to get Citizenship.

Ultimately, after you complete these actions and have gotten all the proper paperwork, as well as certifications and needed translations, you’ll be prepared to go to the appointment at the Lithuanian consulate.

The procedure to collect the required papers is usually extensive, therefore we advise that our clients to make their appointment as soon as possible with the consulate— even prior to getting all the papers– maintaining a reasonable date and timeframe in mind. There’s a lot of variables, however it’s better to get an advance appointment because it may take up to a year and a half to get an appointment, dependent on where you apply.

Applying for your passport.

Whenever you’ve gotten a confirmation of citizenship, you’ll wish to submit an application for a passport via the Lithuanian consulate if applying elsewhere besides Lithuania. In the United States as well as several additional nations, you can make an appointment via the consulate’s scheduling which has proper jurisdiction over your area. If you are making an appointment inside Lithuania the process might differ from city to city as well as from province to province.

How can Baltic Migration help me?

Does your grandfather, grandmother or any other relative left Lithuania during before or after WW2? Claim your Lithuanian citizenship now.

We offer a free and confidential eligibility assessment.

If you are eligible, we can provide you with a no-obligation quote.

We hope this article has provided you with a useful insight into the application process of claiming Lithuanian citizenship.

To find out more about citizenship in Lithuania, please contact us at

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